About our Name and Logo

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, proclaimed,
“The world is my parish.”
Ever since, the people called Methodist have committed to sharing
the good news of Jesus Christ with people all around the world.

In that spirit, faithful Methodists have been praying and working to discern
God’s will for a new church rooted in Scripture and the historic and life giving
teachings of the Christian faith.
Given that those called to this new denomination are from many countries,
speak many languages, and yet share one faith,
the name “the Global Methodist Church” seemed fully appropriate.

Methodists in Africa, Europe, Eurasia, the Philippines,
and the United States have warmly embraced the name.
It simultaneously states who we are and who we aspire to be:
faithful Christians in the Methodist tradition dedicated
to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people all around the world.

The Global Methodist Church’s logo brings together in its three circles the one God –
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit –
who alone we worship.

The circles intersect at the center of the cross of Jesus Christ,
the symbol of our deliverance from our slavery to sin and fear of death.
The outer circumference of the rings represents the globe.

As a whole, the logo communicates God’s sending of the church into the world.
The sky blue color reminds us that even though Global Methodists live all around the world,
they are all united together in God’s great creation.